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In 1983, with the dream in mind of delivering berries all around the world, every day of the year, in the VIII region of Chile we founded our Company, Hortifrut.

Today, together with the effort and perseverance shared among all our partners in Chile and the world, we have become the largest blueberry producer and marketer at global level, and the second largest in the whole berry category.

Our biggest pride is not only having developed a successful, innovative and unique business model, but the most important is what we have done putting in place a culture centered in our people, the communities they live, and the environment.

All the efforts we have made to generate a positive impact in every place in the world where we operate have allowed us to achieve the B Corp certification.

We trust that our leadership in the fruit sector and our commitment to innovation will continue contributing to society and accelerating a global cultural change that redefines success in business and helps develop a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

Our purpose is to help building a better world, adding value to people’s lives through the production and trading of the best and healthiest berries.


The Hortifrut’s business model is based on strategic alliances, putting together the best partners in the southern hemisphere with the best partners in the northern hemisphere, through commercial platforms, own brands, integrating the business from genetics to the end customer. We supply the best clients in the main global markets.


With more than 36 years of existence, HORTIFRUT is the leading global business platform in the world for the production and commercialization of the tastiest and healthiest berries, and its history started in the early 80s: English test lorem


The founder member of the Company started importing berry genetic material to Chile.


Hortifrut started its operations in Chile.


Hortifrut becomes the first Chilean company to export off-season berries to the US.


Hortifrut inaugurates a distribution and commercialization office in the US.


First berry export to Asia from Chile.


Hortifrut reached its first strategic alliance with Coastal Berries, a company from California.


Hortifrut defines its business model: vertical integration and product supply during the 52 weeks of the year.


Hortifrut invites the largest berry producers from the United States, and together they acquire the Naturipe® brand, and they form the Naturipe Farms company.


Mexican and Guatemalan exporting and producing subsidiaries are created.


Hortifrut Argentina is created.


Together with the largest blueberry producer in Spain, Hortifrut Spain is created.


Kick-off of the genetic development program for blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries.


Hortifrut and Atlantic Blue create Euroberry Marketing, in charge of distribution and commercialization in Europe.


The chairman of the company is awarded with the ICARE’s Businessman of the Year Award.


Hortifrut becomes the largest organic Blueberry producer in the world.

Marketer of the Year award (PMA Produce Marketing Association USA).

Opens a distribution office in Brazil.

Implementing of SAP system.


Begins the Ready to Eat (“RTE”) program.


Hortifrut and its partner Munger Brothers receive the prestigious award for innovation for the RTE product in the PMA USA.


Start supplying RTE Blueberries to food-service leaders. Successful entrance into the stock market, raising over 67 million dollars in capital. 2012 Agricultural Innovation Award for Víctor Moller Schiavetti, for having contributed in a relevant manner to transforming the national agro-forestry and food sector and the economic, productive and technological process in the country.


Merger with VitalBerry Marketing SpA, the second largest Blueberries exporter in the Southern Hemisphere, leading Berries supplier to Europe and Asia in counter-season.

Hortifrut has been delivering Berries to the world for 30 years, every day of the year


Entrance into the Peruvian market as producer and exporter of Berries through the Hortifrut-Tal SAC company.

Association with the Argentine company Expofresh for the production and commercializing of early fruit. Signing of Joint-venture in China for genetic – productive development.

Development of the 1st Hortifrut Technology and Innovation Trade Fair


Constitution of a second company in Peru, HFE Berries Perú SAC, for the development of another productive focus in this country. Launching of the Agrinnovation and Blue Challenge Platform.


Entrance into the North American market as a Berries producer through the Company Munger Hortifrut North America, LLC., in association with Munger Brothers. Development of the 2nd Hortifrut Technology and Innovation Trade Fair.


Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Victor Moller Schiavetti, granted by EY and El Mercurio in Chile, which distinguished him within the EY World Entrepreneur of the Year competition in Monaco.


Materialization of the Sale-Purchase and Merger of Rocio Group’s Blueberries Business in Peru, consolidating Hortifrut’s leadership position in the Berries global market. Hortifrut Chile S.A. (subsidiary of Hortifrut S.A.) was certified as a B Corporation, becoming the biggest Chilean company to obtain this important international recognition, linked to Sustainability.


Successful inaugural placement of bonds in the local market for UF2,250,000, through the issuance of series A (Vigeo Eiris green and social certification) and B. Capital increase destined to financing organic growth in countries that supply the markets of North America, Europe and Asia, obtaining US$132 million, equal to 85% of the total authorized shares. Hortifrut establishes a trade Alliance with Proplantas, for the exporting of blueberries from Colombia.

Reliable, globally acknowledged brands

HORTIFRUT and its partners around the world commercialize their products through proprietary brands that are widely recognized in the market, capitalizing on the entire experience of global platforms with sales over US$ 1,300 million in 2017.

Biggest blueberry distributor in the world, and the second best within the entire Berry category. The brand is mainly commercialized in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, as well as in China and other Asian markets.

“Ready-to-eat” products for both retail and foodservice, which are mainly commercialized in the United States and Canada.

Production, import, sale, and distribution for both retail clients and foodservice in Brazil.

Distributor in Europe (including the United Kingdom and Ireland), mainly through the brands Southern Sun and Berry Collection.

Brand specialized in blueberries, distributed and commercialized by Euroberry across the main European markets.

Brand specialized in blueberries, distributed and commercialized by Euroberry in specific European markets. Also commercialized in China via SVA Fruits (Joint Venture between Hortifrut and San Clemente Fruits from Chile).

Main imported fruits distributor and marketer in China, with over 40 distribution centers throughout the country, comprising a population of one billion people. Commercializes our berries under the brand Joy Wing Mau and Naturipe.

English version pending.

Value-added frozen products based on fruits and vegetables, marketed in retail and foodservice throughout the world through Hortifrut’s commercial platforms.

Frozen Berries brand commercialized all over the world, and it is the leader brand of fresh Berries in Chile.
Additionally, fresh Cherries are also commercialized under this brand in China and Asia.

Diversified Client Base

More than 500 clients around the world.

20% – 25% global market share.

Strategic Partners:

  • Annual Programs (per week).
  • Permanent supply (All Berries, every day, to the whole world).
Base diversificada de clientes